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      New Members or those ordering for the first time need to log in to the web page below using these login details:
      Login:            ythancc
      Password:    ythanabz2012

      You will then be taken to a web page where you need to create your own sub-account by entering your personal email address and a password. If you have already created an account and ordered club kit, you need to log in with the user ID and password you created then.

      Once input, you will be taken to the screen where you can quickly build and pay for your own personal kit order. After the order is closed, it’ll be be sent directly to the club’s Quartermaster, who will let everyone know when it arrives and make arrangements for it’s collection / delivery.

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      Colin mentioned the club kit was available this weekend. The link in this page takes you to a non-secure site, whereas the one below is a secure site. If you’re putting in financial details then I suggest updating the link??


      Any idea when the site will be available to select from?


      Andy Stewart

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      I’ll update the link – I’d created this from old info but hadn’t expected anyone to find the post yet! Andy will open a new order ‘soon’ and Andy or I will start a new thread about that. This was supposed to be a “sticky” on the forum with the static data about how to order…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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