Diary of an Endurance Racer


Endurance racing is now a well established part of the road, gravel and MTB scenes, with growing and passionate (if quiet) following. Flagship events like the Race to the Rock, Tour Divide, The Transcontinental and, closer to home, the HT550 are truly inspiration, featuring insane distances covered in infeasibly short periods of time by astonishingly yet fit yet curiously unassuming riders. For most of us, however, these big races will, in all probability, remain pipe dreams for ever. Despite that, there are those amongst us who have made the commitment to the long hours in the saddle required to get fit for slightly more accessible endurance events. They might not cross continents, but races like the Strathpuffer, 10 Under the Ben, The Dirty Reiver or the Fred Whitton Challenge would still push the fittest of us to the limit. The following pages aim to provide an insight into how one Ythanite faced up to a season of endurance racing…

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  1. @andy-scouller; you have a family and a full time job, so I assume you’re not heading out for 7 hour training rides several times a week… What’s your approach to training for these endurance races?

  2. Chocolate and or alcohol often helps….. I agree I would be intrigued how you train for that, given the inevitable family commitments.

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