The Club Run

In accordance with current Government instructions and British Cycling advice, all Ythan CC group activities are currently suspended, including the Sunday Club run, TTs, road races, training rides, committee meetings and social events.

Ythan’s club run takes place every Sunday, starting from the Ellon Community Campus.  The route is flexible and depends on factors including who turns up, wind direction, weather conditions and whether or not anyone has a particularly strong inclination for something specific.  Routes vary from 40km to 100km or (occasionally) more.    

If we know in advance that we have a potential new recruit joining a club run, we’ll do our best to ensure that a a suitable route is planned.  

And we usually indulge in a coffee stop!  

On rare occasions, the club run will be replaced with a pre-arranged outing somewhere exotic, such as Glenlivet.  


During the summer months, the club starts bright and early(ish) at 08:30.  When the clocks change back to GMT, we all enjoy an extra hour in bed and the club run starts at 09:30.  In cases of severe weather, the club run will be cancelled (often based on an on-the-day assessment of weather and road conditions).