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      Recently, feedback has been received that the pre-arranged club routes are sorely missed and our return to a more ad hoc, we’ll-figure-it-out=on-the-day approach to route planning has contributed to numbers falling off a little. So, we’ll have another go at planning routes in advance! Here are some for August:

      Aug 4th: We’ll build a ‘library’ of Club Run routes; here’s the first of hopefully many!

      Aug 11th: Ythanview Hotel’s Best of Buchan 100k. Starts in Methlick; takes in many more-or-less familiar NE villages, so there should be many opportunities for cake stops! The event raises money for Methlick’s Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). Check the hotels Facebook page for more details.

      Aug 18th: Ellon Youth Crit & Pedal Car Race. Volunteers required for this excellent event – if you can help at the crit races, it’d be greatly appreciated! Let Colin know if you’re able to help out…

      Aug 25th: A second Family Picnic Ride! The schools will be back by this time, effectively guaranteeing fabulous weather for this. The venue this time will be near the Bennachie centre, so there is scope for the QLs (and senior members) to enjoy some off roading prior to scoffing a pannier load of grub. More details on the exact location to come!  

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      Update on August 25th!! This weekend there will be no club run as:
      a) Almost everyone is at Ride the North
      b) Being ridiculously busy over the past three or four weeks means that I haven’t managed to find the perfect picnic spot for an Ythan family ride.

      If there’s any demand for it, we’ll tray again in September!

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