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Training !! Why do we train, what is training and how is it different from just riding your bike?

The main difference is that 'Training' has the purpose of improving performance in some way. There are many different aspect of performance which can be improved and lots of ways of doing it. This section of our website shows some of these methods.

Most cyclist develop their own training programs from what they read in magazines and books or advice from others. Some ask (or pay) for advice from a cycling coach. The information in this section has been written by Bob Hill based on his knowledge of the subject. It is mostly geared towards Time Trialling, although it can be of benefit in all cycling disciplines where a concentrated extra effort is required. Efforts such as long sustained climbs, breakaways or just the effort of trying to hold on to a bunch when the going gets hard, can reap benefits from the “Round Pedalling” and “Breathing” routines, as described in the following sections.

All advice on training can be viewed as a 'matter of opinion'. There is no single correct method which will work for all individuals. Training is a progression and we will all be at different stages. Others are welcome to comment or send Bob content to add to the site.

Training is mostly focussed on the purely 'Physical' aspects of performance, but to gain maximum benefit it is necessary to develop Mental Performance, and there is a 'crossover' effect between both. There are several 'inputs' which will result in the desired 'output'. These will be different for each individual but basic principles can be followed by everyone, and modified to find the optimum.

Cycling performance can be continuously improved over a number of years using a variety of methods. Training is very much a matter of trying different things to see what works for you.

In this section is a summary of training for Physical Performance and Mental Performance and then detailed sections on the elements you can 'train' to improve performance.

Physical Performance

Mental Performance

Race Day Preparation






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