Bovine Blockade

This article was published in the local paper as a report following a particularly interesting confined time trial race.

Bovine Blockade Beleaguers Bicyclists

It was cows week in the fifth round of the Ythan CC/New Inn 10 mile Time Trial league.

Chaos was the order of the day when cyclists were confronted by a herd of cattle taking up the entire road.

The riders were forced to wait until the bovine blockade had cleared before mooving off to complete the milk race course.

The final times were well down on previous weeks with only James Hall and Simon Hiles managing to beat the 30 minutes mark although plenty of heffert was put in by all the udder riders.

Despite the steaks being high, most riders had nothing to beef about although they did hope to steer clear of the waste left behind by the cattle. No one wants that kind of pat on the back!

Abby McHardy made a return to racing with a creditable 33 minutes 13 seconds and was joined by first time rider Luke Clark who finished only seconds behind.

The full results were....


[OK, that's enough cow jokes / Ed.]






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