Low Profile - Colin Allanach

Colin riding a Club '10'

Erstwhile Club President, dedicated family man and hard working Contract Support Engineer for Sparrows Offshore Services, Colin has been cycling most of his life. He couldn�t afford driving lessons whilst a student so the bike was his main form of transport. Cilla Black was at number one with It�s Over when Colin was born.

When and where were you born ?
23rd June 1964, Ellon cottage hospital (now the Golf Club).

When did you start cycling and what was your first club ?
Earliest memory was my uncle teaching me to ride a bike in Crieff. It was a black bike and very big. I think I was five years old. Ythan CC is my first and only bike club.

What was your first race ?
Banchory Triathlon in 1992.

What was your first win ?
Aboyne Duathlon, The race consisted of me, this other guy, some kids and a couple of grannies. I only won because the other guy was disqualified for not wearing a cycling helmet.

What was your last win ?
1996 � 10 mile TT � I won a handicap prize.

What is your favourite food ?
Ice cream � buckets of it.

What is your favourite drink ?
Water (?????? - Ed)

What was the first record you ever bought ?
The Rah Band � The Crunch �1976 (I think)

And your favourite song ?
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight by The Jam

What were you like at school ?
Desperate. I wanted to be a Punk but my Mum wouldn�t let me get my ear pierced. I muddled by at exams and scraped into college.

What kind of books do you read ?
Anything, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Ben Elton, Steinbeck, even the SCU Handbook sometimes.

Do you have a favourite TV programme ?
Robot wars, Spin city, Corry, Emmerdale, The Bill, Fawlty Towers, Any of the AFC cup wins, If it�s on and I�m home I�ll watch it.

And your favourite film ?
Blade Runner or Restless Natives.

Which newspaper do you read ?
The P&J and the Ellon Advertiser.

What�s your ideal holiday destination ?

How do you relax ?
On my back.

What is your greatest fear ?
Flying and that something will happen to my family when I�m away from them.

How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts ad ?
Great frame, no spare tyre, good in the saddle, large seat pin and can handle bars.

What is your favourite training ride ?
I quite like the Hilly 20 course. Obviously I do this five times for a decent session.

What is your best personal achievement ?
Becoming a Chartered Engineer.

What is the highlight of your life to date ?
The birth of my two sproggs, Rachel and Robbie.

Do you have time for hobbies ?
Yes I play with my (son's) Scalextric sets and do a bit of gardening (supervisory role). Oh yes I go to put my self through hell at Pittodrie each week to support Aberdeen FC.

Who would you like to play you in the film of your life ?
Nicholas Lyndhust.

What is your most unpleasant characteristic ?
I tend to do botty burps quite a lot � Hey it�s only natural.

Who would you most like to meet ?
Alex Ferguson � to plead with him to come back and manage Aberdeen again.

What was your most embarrassing moment ?
When my son was being born it was really hot in the hospital and I hadn�t had anything to eat. Just as he was being born I nearly fainted. The nurses didn�t know whether to look after me or Annette. I came round in time to see him being born and to cut the cord.

If you weren�t an engineer what would you like to be ?
A goalkeeper

Who is your hero ?
Paul Weller

Four words to describe yourself ?
Lean, mean, cycling machine (not) - oops that�s five !  






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