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Club run latest...

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:16 pm
by Don
A few things club-run related for you:
Wear one. A suitable helmet is mandatory in any BC sanctioned event and most Sportive organisers will insist that you wear one at their events. So does the Ythan CC!
Sunday October 2nd:
The club has acquired a few new members in the past couple of months and the October 2nd club run will definitely feature a shorter, easier paced ride. We hope that some might come back for a 2nd Club run... There will be a stop for coffee, probably at Lochters.
If the usual suspects also show up on Sunday morning, I expect there will also be a second group heading out on a longer, faster loop; sprinting for road signs, not stopping for coffee, chasing Strava KoMs, that sort of thing. I suggest a westwards route, possibly Chappel o'Garioch; a volunteer to lead this group would be most welcome!
October 8th / 9th:
This'll be a busy A busy weekend, with the Kayleigh's Wee Stars ride on Saturday, where we're hoping for a good showing of Ythan club tops out on the road (…/events/kws-cycle-2016).
There will be no club run on Sunday 9th as Col is running the District Champs TT and everyone should be riding, helping out or watching! Event details on the BC website (…/Aberdeenshire-Time-Tria…).
Winter timetable:
Time positively flies by and Sunday October 30th will be the first club run on the winter timetable! Results of the recent club survey have yet to be analysed and we will account for that data in determining a start time for the winter rides. If you're quick, there might still be time to contribute (