Ythan/Active Schools childrens race - Haddo House 23 March

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Ythan/Active Schools childrens race - Haddo House 23 March

Postby megamouth » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:17 pm

HI Folks,
Aplologies, the information form below hasn't retained all it's formatting, however all the information is still on it. All schools have been sent the form, but if there's a problem you can either email me for one, or copy and paste the 'permission slip' at the bottom of this page and use that.

The event is 'entry level' and aimed at children who have little or no race experience and the 'rules' have been adjusted to account for that - the essentials are a bike and helmet that are serviceable and the correct size. There won't be anything complicated like 'gear checks' for instance. Mountain or hybrid bikes are strongly recommenced, but a sturdy road bike would get you round the course, although may be a bit 'twitchy' should it be wet (it wont be :P ).

[u]Ythan Cycling Club & Active Schools Entry Level Childrens Cycle Racing[/u]

Dates & Venue: Haddo Hous Ellon Saturday 23rd March 2013

Aimed at children with little or no racing experience, the event has just one small hill and no unduly difficult sections. The venue at this time of year is spectacular with all the spring flowers in bloom – a great day out for the family

For further information please telephone Paul Winter on 01346 511239 or email:

Page 2

Registration will be from 12 am, with the first race starting at 1 p.m.

Race Details
P4 and P5 boys and girls will race 1 lap – 1200 m
P6 and P7 boys and girls will race 2 laps – 2400m
S1-S3 boys and girls will race 3 laps – 3600m
The event order is as follows:
Race 1 – P4/5 boys and girls
Race 2 – P6/7 boys and girls
Race 3 – S1-3 boys and girls

Health & Safety
If the number of entrants warrants it, for safety reasons, more than one race per age group may be held. It is important that supervision is in place at all times by parents or a responsible adult (e.g. school staff/club official) accompanying children and that everyone stays off the race course until called by the organisers.
- Qualified first aiders will be present at the event. Participants must wear a helmet and bikes must fit the child and be fully serviceable. Only mountain bikes or hybrids are suitable for this course.

Announcement of results and prize giving will take place immediately after the final race and a copy of the results will be posted to all competing schools and clubs.

Please dispose of all litter in a proper manner.

Training Advice
Contact your local cycling club or the Active Schools Coordinator for your area


Entry fee of £2 per child payable on the day of the event

Entries received after Friday 15th March, or on the day of the race will be charged at £3 per entrant.

Consent forms should be returned to:
Paul Winter, Active Schools Coordinator, Aberdeenshire Council
Education, Learning and Leisure
Westfield School, Argyll Rd, Fraserburgh, AB43 9BL
by 15th March to obtain the discounted rate
Page 3 - consent form

Haddo Cycling Consent Form

Child’s name:
Date of Birth:
Class (e.g. P1):
Cycle Club (if applicable):

Please state any relevant medical condition/medication taken that we need to be aware of:

Emergency contacts
Please provide contact details of two people we may contact in the event of an emergency.

Photography may be used during the event for promotion and publicity purposes. Please advise below if you DO NOT wish your child to be photographed. ……………………………………………………………..

Please note - your child must be accompanied by a responsible adult to this event, and your school is not responsible for transportation to and from this event. If any competitor is on medication e.g. inhalers for asthma, please ensure they are available.
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Re: Ythan/Active Schools childrens race - Haddo House 23 March

Postby megamouth » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:01 am

Hi Folks,
Please note the P4 age limit is arbitary and we will take younger children providing parents judge that they are able to ride just over a Km independently. The course will be well marshalled and marked and there will be a 'broomwagon' with first aid facilities and 'spanners' at the tail-end of each race (probably me on my hybrid with a rucksack)
Cheers, Paul

entries to my 'works' email:
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Re: Ythan/Active Schools childrens race - Haddo House 23 March

Postby megamouth » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:40 am

I'll also pick up entries from the next few QL training sessions if that is more convenient for anyone. :D
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