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How did the outreach day at Rosehearty go today?
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Re: Rosehearty

Postby The Loneys » Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:29 pm

Zak certainly enjoyed his bit. Gave a demo on the rollers with his new bike and was happy once his bike and rollers worked together :D . Zak and I only stayed until lunch - the afternoon brightened up so should have been a better outdoor session than the morning in the rain.
There must have been around 35 kids there from P4/5/6 and some good cyclists too. Not sure how many were interested in the White Cow TT but there were certainly some who look like they'd enjoy it if they gave it a go. Would be great to swell the QL numbers through. Chris, Pete and Paul certainly did a good job in selling the merits of the club.
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Re: Rosehearty

Postby megamouth » Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:56 pm

Relevant bits from an email I sent to Colin on Friday attached below:-

The day went very well. Notes are:-

Not all parents had taken account of the bike maintenance info that went out, so we had some on-the-hop repairs to do, but luckily had all the tools on hand.

A few children could also have been more appropriately clothed (funcy boots and nae jekits) despite information going out to parents, but the school managed to chase up parents in time for the outdoor session starting.

There was no teacher present, but the class-room assistant did a superb job in marshalling the children (and coaches), although we missed one 'bell' so were 5 mins late.

Small issue with riding on the grass. I'd gone through and spoken to the Janny on Wed and walked over the area that resembles rough pasture, discussed how wet it was, both of us concurred it was ok providing we stayed off the football field , but despite that, as we were finishing the morning session, Pete (and I) got a severe scolding from him and a demand to know who had given us permission to be there.

Children's behaviour was superb, and to a person they were all hugely enthusiastic.

Zak did an excellent job standing at the front of the class telling them about racing, training with the British squad, different bikes etc, and his demo on the rollers had the class looking on in disbelief - very impressive for a 14 year old.

Numbers were up slightly up on what we were told, but with Claire, Zak and me lending a hand, we got through the 'pinch-points' (bike/clothing checks) without too much delay, but wouldn't want a ratio of any more children or any less hands.

The excitement of the children for the final event, a race incorporating braking test, bottle drop, slalom and limbo, says far more about the quality of the coaching by Pete and Chris than I could possibly put in words.

Every child has an application for the coaching sessions, for the race at White Cow Woods, and info about the various races coming up (Ythan crit, Alford Motor Museum etc). The point of contact for them all I think is you (Colin) so you'll probably know before me how many are going to attend, but I suspect quite a few.
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