AC Yule 10 - Drumoak course

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AC Yule 10 - Drumoak course

Postby Colin A » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:57 pm

Brief summary of today's expolits on damp Deeside.

Well done to AW for a good race and catering for the biggest field in a local tt that I can remember. That was despite it being the tale end of the season, chilly, wet and a number of the racers looking a bit battle weary. The faster guys and gals of the Ythan clan were missing today either away competing in Hibernia, tucked up under a duvet with a sniffle, nursing a damaged limb or out practicing their jogging skills.
I was reasonably pleased with my effort but significantly slower than earlier in the season. Finished with 25:57. Drookit and I couldn't see a thing for the whole 10 miles. Clipped a few potholes on a bumpy road. That would be a very good course if they put some decent tarmac down.
Dave (headset masher) McIntosh was out of sorts today and with an indexing headset bearing and missing Dave Carnegie io chase, was down on his usual pace. 26:14.
Peter Clark resplendent in his signature orange booties splashed his way to a 27:45.
I only saw Paul Winter before and after the race but he put in a solid 29:14.
Young Zac Loney took part in the hilly on Saturday and had enough in his tank to post a mid 30 ride. He’s 14 in November and moves into the youth A category next year where I’m sure he will do well. 30:25.
Elder statesman Norman Fraser decided to come out for a “bit of fun” despite Kathleen telling him he was mad to go out in that. Norman came home with a sprightly 30:57.
At the other end of the age scale young Liam again impressed. Liam has another year in Youth Cat B, honing his skills but there is no doubting his determination as he spun his junior gears to finish with a creditable 31.14.
It fair does an old mans heart good to see the younglings taking part and doing so well.

Special mention to ex Ythanite John Allan. He damaged himself fairy badly earlier this year and this was only his second race back. Despite obviously still being in a lot of pain he still thumps in a good race. Hard as nails.
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