Presentation TT Echt 05/04/15

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Presentation TT Echt 05/04/15

Postby malcolm » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:52 pm

First race for some time having struggled to enter many races after mid summer last year and after a winter of indoor training and only 2 road rides prior to today since November I had zero goals other than getting some figures back on my HR to help with the next block of training.

Started well enough and had Ian Grant in my sights near Carnie but once we were onto the Alford road I lost sight of him. Had a slow bit around Dunecht where I struggled a bit then had to just climb at temp oover Linton which I expected. Jordan came flying past up the climb at Midmar and then it was just case of pushing the big gear to the finish. Going by my HR monitor it was a 49m15s or thereabouts, slightly slower than last year but that's with zero training on the road compared to 2014 and the two that caught me have a months serious road racing in their legs so they should be riding well. HR also showed my ave at 187 today and my max at 194 which is higher than I have been training at based on an indoor test so worthwhile riding as the next 4 week block should bring things on using those new figures and getting onto the road 2-3 times a week.

Had to head home sharpish so no idea who won etc.

Forres next up a week on Saturday for the 10TT on the Kinloss course then into the confineds to get ready for the summer.
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