Glegg 25TT

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Glegg 25TT

Postby malcolm » Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:14 pm

A reduced field this morning probably due to the weather forecast. The wind was certainly there but no rain. First ride on my new TT bike so feeling it a bit as the position is lower and longer but really happy with the kit from Planet X and reasonably happy with the time I did given how few races I have done this year. Could maybe have pushed a bit more on the way out but I just don't have the power at the moment.

Great ride by Andy who ripped his legs to pieces pushing a big gear into the wind and Jordan spinning the junior gear to take 1st junior. Col D still in the mix but said he felt the legs were heavy, possibly due to winning in Elgin on Thursday. Times courtesy of Boab at the Wheelers.

1 Jamie Kennedy Paisley Velo Race Team V 00:57:01
2 Jonathan Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 00:59:02
3 Gareth Luce Moray Cycle Racing Team S 01:00:24
4 Colin Duncan Ythan CC V 01:00:54
5 Angus Wilson Dundee Thistle RC V 01:01:11
6 Keith Nettleton Deeside Thistle CC V 01:01:30
7 Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC V 01:01:55
8 Kevin Lackie Moray Cycle Racing Team V 01:02:07
9 Norman Skene Velocity 44 Stirling V 01:02:09
10 Robin Atkinson Shetland Wheelers S 01:02:46
11 Andy Duncan Ythan CC V 01:02:56
12 Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC V 01:03:16
13 John Simpson Shetland Wheelers V 01:04:27
14 Ian Grant Deeside Thistle CC V 01:04:57
15 Jordan Stronach Ythan CC JM 01:05:17
16 Craig Cameron Aberdeen Wheelers CC V 01:05:17
17 William Souter Deeside Thistle CC S 01:06:59
18 Neil Mosgrove Aberdeen Wheelers CC S 01:07:01
19 Malcolm Grant Ythan CC V 01:07:05
20 Iain Pritchard Deeside Thistle CC V 01:09:13
21 Robert Galbraith Deeside Thistle CC S 01:09:57
22 Fergus Dargie Dundee Wheelers CC V 01:10:45
23 Caroline Simpson Shetland Wheelers FV 01:11:10
24 Jacqueline Laing Deeside Thistle CC FV 01:14:30
25 Brian Hatton SVTTA V 01:17:09
26 Dougal Dargie Dundee Wheelers CC V 01:22:53
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