Granite City Evening Road Race 24 July 2014

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Granite City Evening Road Race 24 July 2014

Postby Andy D » Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:27 am

Really good ride by Jordan Stronach at the GCRT Evening Road Race on a testing circuit around Torphins/Echt. Featured a fair old climb which sorted the field out come the finish.

Jordan got in a good break with myself and Bob Brown from SWC on lap one after Torphins and it had a chance as we got a wee gap, but with the young lads from Spokes bringing pretty much everything back together pretty sharpish to set up a win for another of their young guns come the finish, there was little scope for getting a break to stick.

In any case when Bob went off the front, Jordan and I bridged across and we got working pretty well straight away to get a gap, I think my back wheel had started to disentegrate as we went up the hill before Echt (certainly seemed to drag me back a bit - or it could just be my fat ar$e and weak legs!!?!) I lost touch with Bob and Jordan then as the bunch started bearing down on us, Bob and Jordan were caught just before the Echt junction after a decent effort to establish something. Great work by Jordan to get into that and then stick with the bunch to the finish and get a good placing.

My luck ran out as my back wheel came apart before we really started up the hill for the second lap. Bob Brown paid for his good efforts as well and was distanced as they came up to the finish. DNF for me but now that I have done a few of these races am happy to potentially sacrifice myself to get Jordan up the road and risk further DNF's - I think Jordan can be there come the finish if we can get him in the right move.

Great experience for Jordan getting animated in a road race with a fairly strong field and getting up the road for a while. Something resembling a team effort for me and Jordan at least for a wee while anyway despite there only being the pair of us! and sorry I couldn't have done more to work for Jordan but maybe next time we will get something going again and get Jordan a tilt at the win, watch this space. (Future's bright)

**Worth a mention of another fine ride by Zak Loney who was right there at the finish and I thought he might get it on the line but I think fell back to third, well done Zak, there is a win coming, I think.
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Re: Granite City Evening Road Race 24 July 2014

Postby Russ » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:04 pm

good stuff - missed the road races this year might get an opportunity for the Tarves one. Thursday evenings are the best at the minute.

Looking forward to the photos/report from the next one
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