National 10 Mile TT Champs 24/04/2010

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National 10 Mile TT Champs 24/04/2010

Postby Andy D » Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:36 pm

Some excellent rides at the National 10 this weekend but probably only one or two of us Ythanites entirely happy with our performances.

Bill Dallas 34th - 22.51
Andy Duncan 74th - 24.41
John Hunter 101st - 27.08
Liam Monaghan 112th - 31.43 (PB) - Beat Endura Racing Pro, Davey Lines!!!!!!

Fiona Duncan 5th - 24.44 (5 seconds off a bronze medal!!)
Carol MIddleton 13th - 27.48

Some really good rides from District Riders particularly Phil Kelman and Sean Monaghan as well as the obvious ones - medalists Carlos and Christine.

1st Arthur Doyle 20.37
2nd Carlos Riise 21.10
3rd Alistair Robinson 21.13

1st Mari Todd 23.12
2nd Christine McLean 23.38
3rd Sian Tovey 24.40

LINK TO FULL RESULTS: ... acings.jpg
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Re: National 10 Mile TT Champs 24/04/2010

Postby John Hunter » Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:48 pm

im so so, early season still and I know Ill be faster once the next few weeks are out of the way and I can concentrate on time trialing ( as I did from the middle of May last year )

I was hoping to get a low 26 or better, however once id rode on some of the course, I realised it wasnt by any means a fast course. I was right. I found it really rough and hard going, there seemed a bit of a breeze but nothing major I think.

It was a great event and I enjoyed the time out west, its been ages since last there and I used to be there all the time.

Liam is going to go sub 30 soon.
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