Royal Albert 10 Mile TT Cambusbarron 04.04.2010

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Royal Albert 10 Mile TT Cambusbarron 04.04.2010

Postby Andy D » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:10 pm

Full results for a tough day on a cold and stiff breezed out leg.

Fiona put in a decent ride, riding a fixed gear for the first time in a TT and although she couldn't get the leg speed quite high enough to really put in a stormer, she had a good out leg into the wind and gave herself a good chance of a fast ride 24.09 was 2nd female on the day in a healthy field of 10 (including Laura Gunn - Youth), less than a minute behind winner Jessica Wilson-Young who has hit the start of the season fast because of riding the Rudy Project series etc.

I didn't really get going (rode for about a minute in the wee ring after failing to notice I had started on it by mistake - tube!!) 24.12 for me, so I wasn't best pleased - heading in the right direction but certainly nothing spectacular at the moment, unlike race winner 'Pistol' Peter Ettles who passed me just after the turn for two minutes and was travelling like he was on a motorbike - he ran out of gear on the home leg (he rides fixed), Peter won with 21.08 but Steve Nutley ran him close with his excellent 21.11.

A harder day than two weeks ago on the same course, some people with big improvements, others less so!!

P Ettles 21.08
S Nutley 21.11
R Hunter 21.28

T Gordon 21.43
A Torrance 21.56
D Lines 21.56
I Grant 21.57
D Caesar 22.04

G Cockburn 22.10
RG McLean 22.28
P Collins 22.38
J Kennedy 22.45
A Rowat 22.47

N Milton 22.50
I McMullen 23.01
A Robertson 23.05
J Tomlinson 23.06
J Wilson-Young 23.12 L (1)

K Lackie 23.14
G Hay 23.17
G Jones 23.20
C Mackenzie 23.31
S Beech 23.32

G McCarter 23.36
N Campbell 23.37
J McDowall 23.37
J May 23.39
D Millar 23.46

B Cranston 23.48
A Smith 23.54
B Aiton 23.54
S Mir 24.08
M Martin 24.08

F Duncan 24.09 L (2)
A Duncan 24.12
J Middleton 24.13
D Wards 24.32
C Adams 24.35

A Solway 24.39
P Cullen 24.40
S Nixon 24.47
D Munro 24.54
A Burgess 25.09 L (3)

C Freeman 25.17
S Wallace 25.17
S Gleave 25.30 L (4)
R Ure 25.35
G Brown 25.37

G MacIntosh 25.55
S Tulloch 25.56 L (5)
A McRimmon 26.15
T McComsky 26.20
P Hornby 26.29

A Speed 26.30
A Stewart 26.30
S McDairmid 26.33
R Carey 26.36 L (6)
J Hendrie 26.54

E Lowden 26.57 L (7)
G Freeman 27.00 L (8)
J Kennah 27.17
G Thomson 27.44
J Hazlett 28.17 L (9)

R Cooper 28.21
G Newton 28.41
S Fraser 28.44
D Gunn 29.21
M Devlin 29.59

L Gunn 30.16 LY (10)
G Laffoley 32.54
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