Spring Bunny 25ml TT - 09/4/2017

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Spring Bunny 25ml TT - 09/4/2017

Postby Carol » Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:48 am

Jamie Davidson AWCC S 00:56:28
Matthew Cokerill AWCC S 00:56:37
Jody Hall Deeside Thistle CC V 00:56:49
Michael Cheney Deeside Thistle CC V 00:56:57
David Reed Granite City RT V 00:57:20
Brian Duncan Rapha Cycling Club S 00:57:34
Jonathan Hunter AWCC S 00:58:12
Colin Duncan Elgin CC V 00:58:38
Keith Robertson Granite City RT V 00:59:00
Steve Nutley Velocity 44 RT V 00:59:11
Lee Smith Ythan CC S 00:59:15
Robin Atkinson Shetland Wheelers S 00:59:23
Alan Smith Ythan CC V 00:59:45
Davie Williamson AWCC S 01:01:16
William Bavidge V 01:01:17
Terry Christie Elgin CC V 01:01:29
Calum Gibb Deeside Thistle CC S 01:01:42
Stephen Brown AWCC S 01:01:58
Brendan McCabe AWCC V 01:02:29
Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC V 01:02:30
Michael Giles Ythan CC V 01:02:52
Mark Wood Elgin CC V 01:03:02
John Simpson Shetland Wheelers V 01:03:04
David Deans Deeside Thistle CC V 01:03:37
Michael Spalding Granite City RT V 01:03:39
Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers FV 01:03:58
Rod Cowe AWCC V 01:04:00
Emily Middledich Deeside Thistle CC F 01:04:10
Amanda Tweedie RT 23 F 01:04:14
Simon Stromberg Deeside Thistle CC V 01:04:15
Jamie Collins Deeside Thistle CC S 01:04:25
Neil Anderson Deeside Thistle CC V 01:04:35
Alan Duguid Deeside Thistle CC V 01:05:06
Steve Shand Stonehaven Cycling Club V 01:05:15
Spencer Holmes S 01:05:34
Ian Grant Deeside Thistle CC V 01:05:59
Robert Bacon Deeside Thistle CC V 01:06:19
Gareth Hunter Deeside Thistle CC V 01:06:20
Sam Langlois Velocity 44 RT V 01:06:32
Malcolm Grant Ythan CC V 01:06:41
Jon Leal 01:06:57
Ian Sinclair Deeside Thistle CC V 01:07:18
Edward Atkinson Elgin CC V 01:07:54
Stephen Walton Deeside Thistle CC V 01:08:00
Michael Ferguson 01:10:30
Carol Middleton Ythan CC FV 01:10:44
Margaret Anderson Deeside Thistle CC FV 01:11:34
Ray Smith Deeside Thistle CC S 01:11:59
Jill Prabucki Deeside Thistle CC FV 01:12:22
June Porter Shetland Wheelers FV 01:12:42
Jim Davidson 01:13:58
Lauren Liversidge Deeside Thistle CC JF 01:14:24
Megan McLean Shetland Wheelers F 01:14:44
Stewart Mitchell Deeside Thistle CC V 01:15:28
Emma Barr Deeside Thistle F 01:16:32
Christina Mackenzie Stirling Bike Club F 01:18:08
Vera Efimova Deeside Thistle CC F 01:19:18
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