The CDNE Summer Series Round 1 Middlesborough

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The CDNE Summer Series Round 1 Middlesborough

Postby The Loneys » Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:11 pm

Sunday 3 June 2012
After waking up following a rubbish nights sleep because of heavy rain we were not looking forward to a soaking on the Middlesborough track. But the drive over from Boroughbridge to the North East saw the skies brighten and the rain ease.
By the time we arrived at the track at 11:30 the sun was shining, if a little cold and windy - like being back in Aberdeenshire really!
Zak was in a strong field of riders once again including Tom Rotherham, excellent track sprinter and a definite threat to Zak and Fraser Martin Perth United, Rory Mellis Discovery Juniors and Francis Webb Edinburgh Road Club were there too.
There were 2 races on the day.
Race 1 the Eliminator.
Zak had not been seeing too much sucess in the track eliminator so this was a challenge for him. The race was on the short circuit of the track and set off with all youth categories A,B,C,D and E. The pace was controlled by a lead rider to ensure the pace was kept ok for the younger ones, inevitably the younger ones were out first as the pace increased lap upon lap. With 5 riders left in the race a touch of a front wheel by a rider in to Fraser saw the race neutralised for a lap or 2 until the track was cleared. Fraser was out next, leaving Zak, Tom Rotherham and another rider fight it out for the last lap and the first place. Into the back straight before the final corner Zak knew first into the corner would most likely win the race so off he went, knowing if it came to a final sprint he may not hold off Tom.
Zak managed first into the corner and powered out of the corner at full bore and gave it his all, right to the finish line, managing to hold off Tom and the remaining rider to take first place. :D
Race 2 40 minutes plus 5 laps scratch
Again the scratch race included all ages and all of the riders setting off together making for a very interesting race when passing these riders after they were lapped. They were obviously experienced youngsters and kept the correct line when the fast Youth A train whizzed past. The race set of like a rocket with 4 Hetton Hawks riders all working on the front keeping the pace and continously trying to break. Unsuprisingly they soon tired and pulled off and sat in the bunch. After about 5 laps one rider decided to break and got 10 seconds and stayed there for a few laps. Zak seeing him as a threat and the bunch not wanting to go and chase him down decided to go for him alone. Zak and the rider did a few laps and then Tom Rotherham decided to make the leap and the three went off together. After while Fraser saw this breakaway stretching out and motivated the bunch to catch the break.
The peleton remained together with all attempts at breaks being chased down and the last lap bell rang. Half a lap to go and a Hetton Hawks rider went off and everyone jumped on his wheel, Zak was fourth man back and on the last corner the Hetton Hawks rider slowed as he realised he wasn't getting anywhere so the bunch widened across the track with about 300m left Tom and the Hetton Hawk got the jump on Zak and went full on sprint for the finish Zak was gaining fast but just ran out of time and crossed the finish line with Tom taking first place and a Hetton Hawk just pipping Zak to third place.
A great race and Zak is well chuffed with this result and another podium finish to end a very sucessful weeks racing! :D
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Re: The CDNE Summer Series Round 1 Middlesborough

Postby Andy D » Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:21 am

Brilliant stuff.

Hope Zak is getting plenty rest between the racing and some easy(ish) threshold and cadence training sessions when he has the energy. If he is then he shall keep on winning, great effort this week again.

Very proud to see Ythan QL riders like Zak and Craig doing so well around the country on track, road and TT. Keep it up.
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Re: The CDNE Summer Series Round 1 Middlesborough

Postby The Loneys » Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:39 pm ... =1&theater

Hope the link works. Zak top spot on the podium! :D
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