CNDW (Cycling Development North West) Leagues 7 & 8

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CNDW (Cycling Development North West) Leagues 7 & 8

Postby The Loneys » Thu May 31, 2012 10:23 pm

Zak and I traveled to Preston to the University of Central Lancaster last week for the Crit League 7 Thursday 24 May.

It was a hot dry day and lots of riders turned out for the Youth races. Zak went off with 4 other Youth A's this was his third evening league in a row......... he felt strong and had a few digs off the front and but into the last corner Zak found himself in third position and the finish line just was not far enough away to get into first place. So he came away with a second place but 2 vital points!

So we are here again in Preston Crit League 8 Thursday 31 May. An awful day rain rain and more rain, but after hiding from the rain in the Cinema watching Men in Black 3 the rain had stopped and the ground drying nicely. Zak had a ride round and decided his Zipps were the ones to go with. Not such a big Youth A field today just the three of them a Red Rose Olympic guy and a Mossely Cycle guy. The 3 of them went and soon dropped the Red Rose Guy (as a Yorkshire White Rose girl then all I can say is :lol: )

Zak and the Mossely guy went round together taking turns on the front but Zak is suffering from a lot of racing and just did not have it today. He knew that the winner would be first onto the final straight but just moments before Zak was to set out his final dig the Mossely guy went and once again if thew finish line was 10 metres further he would have had him but alas...Zak was pipped by half a wheel, if that, into second place. But still another 2 points so he's happy...ish
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