Litherland Circuit League 8 & 9

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Litherland Circuit League 8 & 9

Postby The Loneys » Wed May 30, 2012 9:56 pm

Zak and I traveled to lovely Litherland in Liverpool for the Circuit League 8 on Wednesday 23 May. We left Lancaster bathed in glorious sunshine to arrive in Litherland in the fog - reminded us of being in Peterhead!
After a terrible start at the sports centre where a obviously well unskilled so called football player managed to get the ball over the fence to hit :o and buckle his rear Zipp 404 :evil:. A complaint to the manager and the Commissaire later Zak decided to ride his wheels although damaged but rideable.

So the race began. C's off first, B's next followed by the 5 Youth A's Zak and a team of 4 Local lads in their Dolan Kit's.
Zak had a few digs off the front to test the field over the 10 laps of the great circuit. On the last bend into the home straight with 2 laps to go Zak was working his way to the front when a Youth B rider clipped his pedal into the corner Zak took advantage of this and went off the front on his own to finish way ahead of the bunch in first place.

Circuit League 9 Wednesday 30 May
A much better start today with no mishaps and a decent warm up. Zak had a bigger field today with 7 Youth A riders, some, Zak had been racing against in the Northern Youth Omniums. A lot warmer than when we left Aberdeenshire, back in T shirts again!
The riders shot off to a flying start all testing each other out. Zak took an early dig or two to stretch the field out. After3 laps he went for a big attack and the bunch sat up and let him go for a while until parental shouts encouraged the bunch to chase Zak down, but Zak had already decided to let them catch up as his calf muscles were cramping!
Zak worked well with the bunch taking turns on the front chasing down all the attacks himself because no one else was up for it. After all this work Zak, unsurprisingly, wanted to sit in the bunch for a rest until the last lap. But one rider started to shout at Zak saying "there's the front get to it" even though Zak had done way more work than he had! So Zak snailed his way to the front frustrating the boy even more, so much so, the lad pushed Zak from behind to make him get to the front. Zak feeling very crafty at this moment decided to launch an attack from this push leaving the bunch for dead into a hairpin corner. After he gained about 100 metres he sat up and made the bunch catch him to tire themselves out 1 lap before the sprint finish.
Half a lp to go Zak found himself boxed in :shock: but drifted sideways creating a gap that encouraged the boy behind to attack, then Zak slipped onto his wheel into the hairpin corner and accelerated leaving them all behind again winning with the second placed rider a clear 5 bike lengths behind and the peleton 5 bike lengths behind him! :D
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Re: Litherland Circuit League 8 & 9

Postby Andy D » Thu May 31, 2012 9:55 am

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