Ross-Shire RCC 50TT 9th July 2011 - Result

Away from Aberdeen, or 'abroad' if you come from Tarves

Ross-Shire RCC 50TT 9th July 2011 - Result

Postby colinS » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:29 pm

Name Club Race Time
Paul Rodden Moray FCC 01:57:52
Paul Black Elgin CC 01:59:25
David Harter Forres CC 02:00:27
Mark Tandy Deeside TCC 02:01:50
Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh RCC 02:07:07
Colin Sim Aberdeen Whls 02:07:23
Hector Nicolson Moray FCC 02:08:14
Alan McCaffrey Ross-shire RCC 02:09:10
Frank Gamwell Perth United CC 02:11:48
Alasdair Washington Caithness CC 02:13:07
Ian Sinclair Deeside TCC 02:16:41
Keith Eagleson Ross-shire RCC 02:22:29
Lorna Stanger Caithness CC 02:24:03
Mary Eagleson Ross-shire RCC 02:27:24
David Stuart Caithness CC DNF
Neil Fraser Forres CC DNF
Kenny Philpot Elgin CC DNF
Kevin Lackie Elgin CC DNF
Ian Wilson Deeside TCC DNS
John MacDiarmid Moray FCC DNS
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