ADCA/GCRT Evening RR 18th June - Start Sheet

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ADCA/GCRT Evening RR 18th June - Start Sheet

Postby smokie » Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:56 pm

Folks please see start sheet below for next Thursday's evening RR on d1ck Longdragon course, HQ is at Knockburn Loch, great to see one of largest fields we've had for evening RR with 77 riders :D

Could still do with some help, need Marshall for AA box and driver for comm, race starts at &pm, any help would be much appreciated.


1 Kevin Adam Deeside Thistle CC 4th
2 David Anderson Granite City RT 1st
3 Neil Anderson Deeside Thistle CC 3rd
4 Malcolm Bain Deeside Thistle CC 4th
5 Roman Bardzik Bulvelo Cycling Club 3rd
6 William Bavidge Ythan CC 4th
7 Noel Baxter Cairngorm CC 3rd
8 Graham Bell Aberdeen Wheelers CC 4th
9 Austen Bodie Aberdeen Wheelers CC 4th
10 Stanimir Bolyarov Bulvelo Cycling Club 3rd
11 Robbie Brown Ythan CC 4th
12 Robert Brown Aberdeen Wheelers CC 4th
13 Neil Carpenter 4th
14 Matthew Cockerell Aberdeen Wheelers CC 4th
15 Geoff Comley Elgin CC 2nd
16 Hamish Cooper Ythan CC 4th
17 Alasdair Coull Deeside Thistle CC 4th
18 Rod Cowe Aberdeen Wheelers CC 4th
19 Sean Delaney Deeside Thistle CC 2nd
20 Brian Duncan Velocity 44 Stirling 3rd
21 Simon Edmundson Islington Cycling Club 3rd
22 Julie Erskine IKON - Mazda 1st
23 Callum Finlayson Moray Firth Cycling Club 3rd
24 Michael Fletcher Aberdeen Wheelers CC 3rd
25 Anthony French Deeside Thistle CC 4th
26 Jody Hall Deeside Thistle CC 4th
27 Finn Harrod 3rd
28 Danny Hedley Moray Cycle Racing Team 3rd
29 Andrew Hood Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique 2nd
30 Alan Horsburgh Inverness Cycle Club 4th
31 Svetozar Hristov Bulvelo Cycling Club 4th
32 Jonathan Hunter Aberdeen Wheelers CC 2nd
33 Hamilton Huxham Deeside Thistle CC 4th
34 Eric Innes Moray Firth Cycling Club 3rd
35 Neill Kemp Glasgow Nightingale CC 2nd
36 John Kent Aberdeen Wheelers CC 4th
37 Martin Lonie The Racers 1st
38 Bob Lyons Deeside Thistle CC 4th
39 Ross MacDonald Moray Firth Cycling Club 4th
40 Tim Mackley Deeside Thistle CC 2nd
41 Chris Main Ythan CC
42 Grant Martin Spokes Racing Team 2nd
43 Fraser Martin Spokes Racing Team 1st
44 Craig McCulloch Deeside Thistle CC 3rd
45 Gordon McKechnie Deeside Thistle CC 4th
46 Thomas McLeman Ythan CC 4th
47 Ross McMurtrie Deeside Thistle CC 4th
48 Alistair Merry Discovery Junior Cycling Club 3rd
49 Natalie Munro Moray Firth Cycling Club 3rd
50 Ewan Murray Velocity 44 Stirling 4th
51 Sean Noon Spokes Racing Team 1st
52 Iain Pryde Deeside Thistle CC 4th
53 Greg Quinn Deeside Thistle CC 4th
54 Veli-Matti Raikkonen Granite City RT 2nd
55 Jack Richards Deeside Thistle CC 2nd
56 Kenneth Riddle Moray Firth Cycling Club 2nd
57 Keith Robertson Granite City RT 3rd
58 Alexander Ross Cycling Scotland
59 Garry Russell Royal Air Force CC 4th
60 Dan Saunders Deeside Thistle CC 4th
61 Neil Scott Dundee Thistle RC 2nd
62 Gregory Seymour Synergy Cycles 4th
63 Lee Smith Aberdeen Wheelers CC 3rd
64 Alan Smith Ythan CC 4th
65 Lee Smith Aberdeen Wheelers CC 3rd
66 David Stewart Deeside Thistle CC 3rd
67 Jordan Stronach Spokes Racing Team 3rd
68 Cristian Tudorache Bulvelo Cycling Club 3rd
69 Peter Wakely Edinburgh RC 2nd
70 Mark Walker Deeside Thistle CC 4th
71 Alick Watt Deeside Thistle CC 4th
72 Alister Watt Granite City RT 2nd
73 Jayson Weale Aberdeen Wheelers CC 3rd
74 Kelvin White Deeside Thistle CC 3rd
75 Chris Williamson Deeside Thistle CC 4th
76 Malcolm Young Deeside Thistle CC 4th
77 Finlay Young Team Moda-Anon 1st
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