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Postby colinS » Wed May 21, 2014 9:11 am

Regarding the previous comments about not receiving confirmation for races entered. I believe this may have to do with entries now having to be manually 'accepted' by the organiser.
Something appears to have changed this year. Perhaps when i was setting up my race for online entries I missed a 'check-box' that said something along the lines of 'automatically accept entries' but this year I received emails saying that riders had entered, but on checking the 'view entrants' tab for my race, there were none showing.
On investigating, I stumbled across the entrants listed as 'Pending' under the 'Manage Race' part of my login. I then had to select these entries and change their status to 'Accepted'. This has to be repeated every time a new entry is received.
I have never previously had to do this over the last 5 years organising races. Talking to other organisers, they also, never realised and again couldn't figure out why none of their entries were showing on the race page. So, this may be the main reason why folk are not getting confirmation straight away.
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