Start Sheet for ADCA (Ythan) Road Race 1st May

Local races for local people.

Start Sheet for ADCA (Ythan) Road Race 1st May

Postby Andy D » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:35 pm

1 Conon Able AWCC 4th
2 Austin Bodie AWCC 4th
3 Steven Bunting AWCC 4th
4 Rod Cowe AWCC 4th
5 Ross Hayworth AWCC 4th
6 Lee Smith AWCC 3rd
7 Simon Van Bellen AWCC 2nd
8 Jayson Weale AWCC 3rd
9 James Whyman AWCC 4th
10 Ian Brown DTCC 3rd
11 Ronnie Coleman DTCC 3rd
12 Jonathon Cunningham DTCC 4th
13 Sean Delaney DTCC 4th
14 Andrew Ennis DTCC 3rd
15 Les Evans DTCC 4th
16 Kara Griffiths DTCC 4th Lady
17 Bob Lyons DTCC 4th
18 Tim Mackley DTCC 3rd
19 Craig McCulloch DTCC 4th
20 Guy Milligan DTCC 4th
21 Jean-Baptiste Pose DTCC 4th
22 Ian Pryde DTCC 4th
23 Greg Quinn DTCC 4th
24 David Reed DTCC 3rd
25 Dan Saunders DTCC 4th
26 David Stewart DTCC 3rd
27 Kelvin White DTCC 3rd
28 Sandy Wilson DTCC 4th
29 Malcolm Young DTCC 4th
30 Neil Scott DuTCC 3rd
31 Angus Wilson DuTCC 4th
32 David Anderson GCRT 2nd
33 Roman Bardzik GCRT 3rd
34 Brian Duncan GCRT 2nd
35 Veli-Matti Raikkonen GCRT 2nd
36 Keith Robertson GCRT 2nd
37 Mike Spalding GCRT 3rd
38 Cristian Tudorache GCRT 3rd
39 Alister Watt GCRT 2nd
40 Callum Finlayson MFCC 3rd
41 John Grant MFCC 4th
42 Fraser MacBeath MFCC 3rd
43 Mark Murray MFCC 4th
44 Chris Pitblado MFCC 3rd
45 Kenneth Riddle MFCC 2nd
46 Brian Widdison MFCC 2nd
47 Robert Brown SWC 3rd
48 Petter Ettles SWC 2nd
49 Phil Allan V44S 3rd
50 Julie Erskine VPM 1st Lady
51 Hamish Cooper YCC 4th Junior
52 Andy Duncan YCC 3rd
53 Anthony French YCC 4th
54 Michael Giles YCC 4th
55 Thomas McLeman YCC 4th
56 Jordan Stronach YCC 3rd Junior
57 Craig Ward YCC 4th Junior
58 Martin Lonie U/A 2nd
59 Svetozar Hirstov U/A 4th
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