Lanzarote 2014

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Lanzarote 2014

Postby dave mac » Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:09 am

Ythan storm to victory in both individual and team events in Lanzarote ;-)

Some very valuable early season training was interrupted by two hotly contested competitions, one team and one individual. On what was a rest day team motivator Graham (I canna sit on my arse for mare that 5 mins) Parley persuaded the very comfortable troops from their sun beds to take part in some French boules!

Never played this before and at that point less than enthusiastic about the prospect however this apathy changed very quickly when team Ythan were pitched against team Germany, lead by a large rather over confident leader. The German proceeded to instruct the instructor and try direct the play, according to a fellow Scot this was a regular occurrence and the German usually won, this only served to motivate the team.

We took the first set (if that's what it was called) the Germans lifted their game and pulled one back to lead by one shot, nae good all or nothing on the final deciding set. It was tense the German strutted around the court like some demented speedo wearing football manager, we were ahead in the game but only with one shot, not good we had to get one more to take the victory a draw was not an option. Every shot was watched intently by Captain Germany, we landed a few close, the ref had to measure to ensure the right call was made, still just one up until the killer blow, we were up by two with the Germans to throw.

You could cut the tension with a knife, shot after shot missed the mark and our boules held position. All boules thrown the results were calculated with the ref announcing a draw - I dinna think so!!! que the usually subdued sun bed dwellers Wendy & Brenda in to action, a huddle round the boules with the Germans, the ref resulted in the win being awarded to team Ythan, high fives all round - the Germans were crushed.

Ok so rest day over and back to the serious business of battling the wind and ripping up Lanzaroties roads. Great road surfaces all over the island full of cyclists, traffic could be a little heavy a times but all drivers really did give you plenty room.

The only problem was the timing, we left around 9:30am getting back usually in time for a late lunch around 2:30pm. This gave a few ours to fill before the late afternoon session but also meant that GP became a little restless usually when some competition was announced, this time Archery and once again the team motivator jimmied us from the sun beds. We arrived at the archery area to be met with the steely gaze of the speedo clad German, apparently he was really good at this and always won, pressure on.

The four of us instantly stepped up to the plate, we listened intently to the instruction given and lined up to take out turn, just two rounds with two arrows in each. I could feel the German's eyes burning into the back o am heed when I went up to take my first shot, didn't help when I held the bow upside doon ! Anyway composure regained I took the first shots, bull with the first one then just outside with the second, GP fired his arrows in a similar fashion, Brenda & Wendy piled more pressure on by scoring highly in round one. The big German pulled himself up from his shaded seat and strutted up to the plate, he fired his arrows with force just missing the bulls eye, good but round one left GP and myself in the lead :-)

Convinced this was just a bit o luck on our part, expectations weren't high when we stepped up for round two. Terrible thing pride and of course it usually comes before a fall, well not this time our run of form continued leaving the German in a position were only a double bull would see him getting close. This he couldn't do and once again team Ythan emerged victorious with a great team one two, the German a lowly third :-)

Thankfully training took priority the rest of the week, no time left for adhoc games, the German was left to his own devices.

Lanzarote proved to provide a challenging training ground, the roads are great but the wind which was around at some point every day lifted the challenge. Everywhere you looked people were either cycling, running or swimming a real fitness culture and great to be part of if only for a short while.

Perhaps next year could see larger Ythan team training contingent ?
dave mac
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