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Re: Cairngorm 100

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:23 am
by Eenies
As a new-ythanite I had entered the 100 for the 3rd time but rode the 50 with Ryan fae Rathen who was riding his 1st sportive. I thought the 50 would be the reserve of the elderly, infirm and unfit but I was surprised by how many fast guys came roaring past us after the split. We were both hoping for a decent time so ignored the feeds and we were rolling along nicely. Ryan had only ever ridden 40 miles before and was fine until around 40 miles in when the legs started to cramp and he entered survival mode. On the other hand I found the 50 a walk in the park after doing the full distance the last 2 years, the final climb is always tough but it's an affa lot tougher with 95 miles in the legs. I was chuffed with a time of 2:51 and Ryan's 3:05 was pretty respectable for someone whose legs were refusing to cooperate.

Re: Cairngorm 100

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:42 pm
by bbavidge
Tagged along with the Ythan train and reaped the benefits by finishing with a satisfying time. Thanks guys!

A number of riders commented on the group's ability to stay together so the personal efforts and the team kit were obviously noticed. Nice one!

I think that the "hands on events" are amongst the best on offer. Closer to home, smaller numbers, dib & go and decent routes across Scotland.

As for the ride:-

Yet another event where I chose the wrong clothing. Wrapped up for winter with 3 deg C & a long descent at the start. Paid for it on the final climb when I cooked and shed a couple of kilo's in sweat alone. The cakes at the feed stations were awesome. Reckon I got my entrance fee back in carbs alone. Certainly kept me going towards the end.

Well done to those guys who spent most of the time at the front & still had the courtesy to wait for those toiling to keep up (me).

Re: Cairngorm 100

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:40 pm
by Graham19
Had a good day done for at fifty miles told guys to go on would get back on my own.Newbloke George waited for me and we worked together till the loch big group went past and i jumped on got a good few miles with them then back on own again .Passed colin with his puncture he signed me past made it to last feed stop and met the team again .Quick splash and dash for me and of again . 2 mikes soon went past got there wheel and got back to bottom of HILL then went back wards again just wanted to finish what a struggle .Worked with Dave m till finish and some form of relief time 6.03 na bad never again till next year.

Re: Cairngorm 100

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:10 am
by Neil B
I must say when I crossed the finish line my first thoughts were why would anyone want to sign up for this year after year with such a horrendous finish, however the bad memories soon fade and I must say I really enjoyed my first sportive. I definitely took advantage of “pack riding” and stayed tucked in at the back for the majority of the ride, however next year I promise to get more involved at the front of the group.
Just like to say thanks again to Dave for driving and Graham for transporting the bikes...cheers guys.