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Re: ythan ql meeting

Postby Andy D » Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:48 pm

using mobile, sorry for errors.↲↲
Great post Claire↲↲Iam not a talent scout nor affiliated to Disco Jun.↲i believe Zak has natural ability. He needs to develop and really needs to stick with Ythan meantime. Disco can assist with additional skills but QL must take lead initially. I am willing to assist in helping with basic road skills, like during club run. We all need to buy into that, as current Ythan bunch is a bit of a shambles at times, just need to learn how to follow wheels and ride together a little better. ↲
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Re: ythan ql meeting

Postby malcolm » Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:36 pm


I admit that this has taken over your initial post but I also think there are important issues here outwith the loss of Ewan Murray as RDC and with my own son less than 5 years away from maybe having a go at cycling I am keen to ensure that,like Claire and yourself the kids aren't let down by the attitude of others within ADCA. If asked just now I have to admit that at the moment I would lean him towards swimming, triathlon/athletics or squash because they are in a better place in the North East than cycling.

With regards to SC I am more than happy to speak to Alistair if it helps. We had chat at Alford and as I said before my judgement on what they are planning re BC model wasn't a million miles away. I am keen to see what I can do at the Sports Council on behalf of the club and any possible support for a youth cycling squad in Aberdeenshire.

I agree with Andy about how the senior riders can help but the Sunday club runs are not the best place for the youth riders to develop. They are too start/stop, split too easily and often drift a fair distance from Ellon. When I have Saturdays free I am more than happy to come across and help lead a circuit based road ride for the youths outwith Gordon Park with Chris's blessing. I think a following/support car with some spare wheels etc and the flashing lights would also be of benefit even if its on a circuit. A 1hr road ride on a circuit like Esslemont/Cultercullen should be safe and also provide a good mix of climbing and flat and is under 5 miles away from Ellon. If it means an extra disclosure check for some of us (even if its two cops!!!) then so be it as long as it helps.

Bottom line is also to ask what the kids want as they have to enjoy it or whats the point.
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Re: ythan ql meeting

Postby Andy D » Fri Oct 15, 2010 3:30 pm

Kids need to ride in the bunch with adults and learn good habits at the same time.

Group rides need not be stop/start and all over the place, just requires some discipline from the more experienced ones.

Mal's idea of leading rides for kids is a good one and the BCF even piloted something similar. I would be up for this if time and numbers were available. Our own club coaches should be improving the skills coaching and the experienced riders helping to reinforce these with good habits on the bike in a group etc.


I have spoken occasionally with Zak who seems a sensible and quite mature 14 with a good attitude. He seems to like riding his bike and he is not obviously impared physically (ie not far too wee or far too big!!) to ride a bike on undulating roads and he goes uphill well - although that needs work, as does every aspect of his cycling (and mine and yours and Fiona's and Malcolm's etc etc). He should do the Saturday morning coaching sessions, eat what young lads eat (no too much junk though!) stick to Junior gears and by all means come out on the club runs through the winter but as Mal says 30 miles should really be the maximum and we can work on how to take certain hills, bunch skills etc - I am happy to do that.

I believe (after witnessing it first hand at Disco Jun.) that young lads like Zak, with some gentle encouragement to learn and improve, can develop into very skilled and very fast bike riders. We can help Zak do that - if that is what he wants, we don't NEED Dundee or other facilities - but they do help. Malcolm's tip about Gold4Glasgow is right, even if Zak is not picked up, if he wants to keep trying and putting himself into events, then he may well get noticed.

Learn the basic skills and use his natural ability and then show up at Youth Development events in Edinburgh or where-ever and he may be looked at seriously - it will require a degree of commitment from Zak and yourselves but perhaps almost as importantly, the Club and the District (we will need a whole separate thread for the District!)

It is very early days for Zak and the rest of our young lads and lasses but it is worth trying and aiming high at an early age (all the greats of the current scene did just that - Hoy, Wiggins, Cavendish etc etc, I have seen the six figure book deals where the pictures of raw 14 year olds with pictures of Boarman on the walls adorn the centre pages, they were all at Zak and the rest of the kids' stage at some point)

I am not a pushy parent or a dreamer, I am a total cynic actually but I do know that even wee cycling clubs like ours can help young riders to achieve great things, if they want to go that way or simpy get the most out of it, even if they only want to win the local TT's or Road Races, either way, start 'em young and encourage them - then as they get older it is up to them.

All the best,
Andy D (already able to say I have been thrashed by a 17 year old on the track who went off a few days later to ride at 'the Worlds' - pure magic, want more of that!!)
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Re: ythan ql meeting

Postby Colin A » Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:58 pm

Good discussion. As a club we are already miles away from where we were this time last year. I got really naffed off at the level Ewan gave us. He did help us run the sessions last year (at our instigation) and he helped out at the GGP. But really I would have expected he would have had a core of young riders doing a lot more and he could have organised a series of races.

Claire and I have been investigating "ride leader" courses so we can take a group of youths on road runs without their parents. As ever these things have changed so much over the years and we need to do risk assessments, have the leaders do their disclosures etc.

To get into the resources of the SCU for youth riding we have to get our Go-ride status. This invoves playmg by their rules and a lot of paperwork. Hopefully the meeting we have on the 8th will show the SCU that we are well down this process and highlight where we go in 2011.

Zac, Liam et al will be the trailblazers to see where we go to.

In the 90s we had some youths who did really well and went through the SCU schemes at that time. James Hall at mountainbiking and Neil Gerard at rr. Both stopped competative cycling in their late teens.
May I remind you of that scene
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