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Postby scotty1 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:12 pm

Hi all,
Sorry ive not been down too the club runs or confindes but things have bern mental.

As some of you know ive had back problems for a while so an update is that ive had an mri scan last November which revealed the root of the problem
There's no fluid at the lower part of my back. So friday went to hospital and got some news about getting it sorted. The major op is too remove the four lower vertibre and replace but because of my age they don't wanna do that because it could lead to extra problems in five to ten years. So what there going to do is do a temporary fix for know until i get to 55
This means there going to replace the worse side which is the left. So hopefully i should be not in pain for a few years.

Sorry the news wasn't better but its not im worried because it still could leave me wheelchair bound. Which would means a bike whith larger wheel id still have a go at the ten time trail on tuesday haha.

Hope you all are well

Paul scott
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