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Sunday saviours

Postby Colin A » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:23 pm


Once again a huge thanks for helping out this Sunday. The Ellon Rotary are sorting out the marshal points but I have given them my list so that all you guys should be marshalling on the course so that you can see the racing.

At 8am the barriers and cones etc are being picked up from the council yard and will be put out around the course. If you can manage down for then that would be great as its a case of all hands on deck. be warned it will probably be chaos.

At 9.15 there is a marshals briefing where each corner and crossing will be given full instructions and radios etc.

At 10 am the roads close.

The first youth race starts at 10.40.

We hand over at 91.30

I know its a long shift.

If you have volunteered You should have received a race pack from me. if you haven't got it let me know and I will send it through.

See you all bright and early on Sunday- I'll be the one in full panic mode.

May I remind you of that scene
with your arms aloft in Aberdeen
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