Be Bright, Use lights Cycle Safety Campaign

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Be Bright, Use lights Cycle Safety Campaign

Postby Bondie » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:19 am

Re the e-mail sent yesterday -
I saw in the press that Grampian Police had started this campaign and felt a bit agrieved like they were picking on the cyclist and not looking at other road users. Besides who would ride on dark roads without lights I thought. I also thought this was a knee jerk campaign to the 2 Aberdeen cyclists recently killed on the road and the public might perceive this as confirmation that the ccylists were at fault.

Then a couple of days later I saw a couple of cyclist on the roads with dark clothing no lights and no reflectives, and I realised that this is a message that never grows old. There's always someone who doesn't have lights and doesn't appear to be want to be seen.
I'm glad this has been extended to motorists and their behavior too though.
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