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oww my feet

Postby Colin A » Sat May 26, 2012 5:59 pm

:cry: The side wall of my new tyre blew out today just outside Udny Green (I havent looked at it yet so not sure what happened). New tube wasn't going to help so i phoned Netty to come and rescue me. Decided to walk a bit to meet her. Didn't want to ruin my shoes or good socks so walked for a bit in bare feet- no problem. Just got home and feet are getting sore- huge blisters and blooming nippy.

I may need a wheelchair tomorrow. :cry:
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Re: oww my feet

Postby Bondie » Tue May 29, 2012 2:48 pm

Same thing happened to me on the Friday club run, just outside Tarves. Didn't notice at first and just fitted a new tube, then went to Carole's house to use her track pump, (thanks Carole). :D
Got about a mile outside Tarves and the tube went again, then noticed the hole in the sidewall. :cry:
I only had 1 spare tube as I thought I was only doing 30 miles (what's the chance of 2 punctures) so had to borrow a tube from Paul, (thanks Paul). :D

TOP TIP - I used those sticky tube patches and stuck it to the inside of the tyre. Wasn't perfect but it got me back to Ellon......phew.
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