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Sunburnt in Applecross

Postby John Hunter » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:26 pm

evening all

Just back from a weekend out west, we hired one of those wee wigwam sheds at the Appelcross campsite, Fridays weather was amazing, warm with clear blue skies. We arrived in plenty of time to get a wee ride in down the coast, with me doing hill repeats while Nic ground her way up some steep bits.

The weather broke for saturday, but it was still windless so I had no excuse for not heading inland up a wee hill. Nic set off and stopped at various points to cheer me on, I started down at sea level and pedaled up the first wee hill, and onwards. I had to put a foot down in a few laybys to let cars past but managed to ride up to the top to be met by Nic and a snow shower. So thats about 620m up and just a wee bit iver 5 miles. Turnaround and then freewheeled back to the campsite.

Sunday brought more glorious sunshine so I rode up the coast to Fearnern (sp?) 32 mile round trip.

An amazing weekend of weather and a couple of great rides

Ill stick up a photo when someone tells me how.
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