Confined 27th August

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Confined 27th August

Postby dave mac » Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:17 am

Okay you pitch up intending to marshal at the turn, why because after the weekends efforts I was a little tired, not scared to admit it at my age you need you’re rest. :cry:

The 10 turned into a 15, nae marshal required. Dave C nephew appeared for his first tt with tt bars on his bike (missed that) Dave had taken him round the 10 mile course but not the 15, he might get lost so as a good Samaritan and to encourage the young lad I offered to shadow him roon the course. 8-)

We lined up number 4, I was happy chatting away to Malcolm, looking forward to a nice relaxed 15 mile run but before I knew it he was off roon the corner and up the hill !! Didn’t see this as much of a problem he just started fast, he’d run oot o steam when he got to the top o the first hill, I right enough. :shock:

He had passed number 3 and 2 before Ythanbank, I didn’t catch him till the bridge leaving Ythanbank, and running oot o steam wasn’t on his agenda. :(

Turns out Matt competes in University triathlons.

Well every days a school day, next time I’ll give the guy a map !
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