Confined 1st June

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Re: Confined 1st June

Postby davidimison » Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:29 pm

Re - Carols comment, 'Where did David Imison go?' Unfortunately i developed a slow puncture for which i blame Graham Parley for being a selfish git! ;) Why? Because if he hadn't selfishly had the portaloo removed from the front of his house, without considering anybody else, then i wouldn't have been cycling where i did in order to find alternative facilities, (in this case a bush) and i wouldn't have ended up with a thorn in my tyre. So there you are, cos Graham P selfishly had the portraloo removed (without asking anyone i might add), i missed the TT. As a result i think he should have his points for last night docked and reinstate the portaloo for the rest of the TT season. :lol:

Added to that if there are any conspiracy theorists among you, may i say the Carol supplied with me the water carrier and if i'd had nothing to drink.........

Thinking about this, i realise that Grasham P is considerably taller than me and as such, its all your fault Carol. :)
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Re: Confined 1st June

Postby Colin A » Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:02 pm

Here are the times for the 14 mile tt normalised to 10 miles (if you see what I mean)

Colin Duncan 00:23:34
Steve Argo 00:24:34
Colin Allanach 00:27:01
David McIntosh 00:27:12
Alan Gordon 00:27:56
Blair McClymont 00:28:19
Adam Robson 00:28:33
Graham Parley 00:28:46
Graham Ward 00:29:09
John Hunter 00:29:39
Carol Middleton 00:30:04
Dave Harrison 00:30:31
Paul Winter 00:31:25
Jim Keenan 00:31:50
Liam Monaghan 00:34:23
Alyson Harrison 00:35:33
Yvonne Winter 00:38:02
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