Ythan Cycle Club - Membership Information

Ythan Cycling Club is a means to focus your interest in cycling. The club has a wide range of membership interests from road racing, to mountain bike and more social riding; we pride ourselves on catering for all interests and abilities. Club membership offers the opportunity to broaden your experience, develop your confidence, learn new skills and meet new people. Cycling is not just about riding a bike, it is about the places, people and experiences riding a bike lead you to.

Club membership is for everyone. Ythan Cycling club has a membership stretching from 7 years old to over 70 years old. Cycling is an activity for life.

Ythan CC membership is about people. Cycling is as social as any other sporting activity. Our club members organise tours in Europe and Scotland and training camps in Majorca annually and we meet regularly to jointly plan events and activities. The club website and forum will keep you up-to-date on events and news within the cycling community.

Ythan CC membership is what you make it. You can join simply to get out once a week on a short leisure run, or you can join in order to train for competition locally or internationally - whatever your initial interest, club membership will open a door to so much more. It will encourage you, develop your confidence and fitness and offer you new experiences.

Club membership will get you on your bike. Most people when asked why they ride a bike will identify fitness as a factor. As a club member you will cycle more, you will enjoy your cycling more and you will get fitter. Just being around other people with the same interests will allow you to pick up ideas about how to train, what to eat, what equipment you need or don't need. Membership will also give you an introduction to racing in our confined time trial series without further payment.

What will Ythan Cycle club expect from you? As a member of YCC we would hope that you help to promote the club, and cycling in general, in a positive frame. This means that you should try to be courteous to other cyclists, pedestrians and all road users.

We would also hope that in time you would become involved in the club activities, whether that is taking part or helping out at events. As a minimum we would expect members to help out at least two events per year. Remember without organisers and volunteers these events wouldn�t take place. So please put as much into the sport as you would like to take out.

We also welcome any feedback in what you would like to see from the club, and how we could do things better?

So whatever type of cycling you are into, Ythan Cycling Club is for you��

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