Ythan Cycle Club - Low Profile

Get the "Low down" on some of our club members..

Ian Adams - on the road to recovery
Dave McIntosh - Music Man
Russ Craig - The Rocker
Mike Harper - the Hatton loon on a sunny day in the Alps

Bob Hill - ex "100" team time trial winner of the Fearnau trophy on a ride in the Alps

Fiona and Andy Duncan - "posing" during the Etape 2004

Lorna Adam - our club treasurer, "celebrating" her 40th
Graham Parley - taking a breather on the epic Ellon to Edinburgh ride
Carol Middleton - the Tarves lass at Pitfichie

Who can you spot at this YCC APR event ?
Paul Paul Winter - a man who's determined to get maximum enjoyment out of life!


Colin - Ex-Club President, time trialist,

John D

Other riders - biopics





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