Ythan Cycle Club - Club Kit


The current club colours are as shown above.  They were introduced to mark the 25th anniversary of the club in 2012.  The blue with black top is the official racing colours (although the older blue / black colours without the white Ythan banner across the chest may also be used for racing).  An alternate white with blue kit is also available for non-race riding (training and sportives etc) and is obviously a bit more visible during dull winter days.

Our kit is made and supplied by Champion systems. Rather than a direct ordering system, the club arranges a biannual bulk purchase. This will be publicised in the club forum. All enquiries regarding the new kit should be directed to Andy Duncan on this special email address reserved for kit enquiries.

Please contact Andy Duncan to clarify if there are any items you may wish to purchase in stock, before you go ordering online.

The Youth clothing should be VAT free. There should be a deduction whilst going through the ordering process.






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