Ythan Cycle Club - Club Runs FAQ

Where do you meet up?

Visitors car park to the front of the Community Centre at the new Ellon Community Campus i.e. NOT the old pool adjacent to the old Ellon Academy buildings see map when the new campus has been mapped by Google etc.

When do the club runs take place?

Every Sunday. During the Summer we meet at 9am and in Winter this moves to 10am. Check out the Ythan CC forum for updates on where this weekends ride may be headed. Also see the Calendar to check out what runs may be coming up.

I want to ride with you. How fit do I have to be?

If you can ride 20 miles or so you are fit enough to come out on a mountain bike ride. If you can ride about 30 miles or so then you are fit enough to try the Sunday road ride.

How far do you go on a Sunday?

Generally we go out for about 30- 40 miles with stops. You can do more or less if you like.

Is everyone else fast? What if I can't keep up?

Our club rides are not fast. We want to encourage people to ride a bike, not leave them behind and put them off cycling for life. Try riding as far as you can on a flat road at 13 -15 mph. That is what we do and it is always easier when you are in a group.

I am fitter than that. Will I leave you slowcoaches behind?

Maybe, but we like to save our fast stuff for local races. What's the point of wasting it on a club run where there are no trophies? A lot of our people also meet up midweek for training rides and 10 mile time trials.

Cars scare me. Do you go anywhere quiet?

We try to hit the quiet country lanes that criss-cross the Grampian region. If you really hate cars the mountain bike rides are almost all off road.

Do I have to have all the gear?

Your bike doesn't have to be fancy, just reliable. It is always a good idea to ask around other club members for advice on what to spend your money on. They often have a lot of good quality used stuff for sale as well and are always happy to see someone get a lot of fun from something. We have our own team strip that you can buy if you plan to race.

I've not ridden in a group before, isn't it intimidating for a beginner?

Not at all.  Everyone has to begin somewhere and the purpose of the club runs is to enjoy some sociable time with like minded cyclists.  It isn't a race or 'chaingang' type training run.  If you are concerned about riding in a group, then this useful article will tell you all that you need to know.

Where can I get more information?

Please check the YCC forum for the latest information about club runs.






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