Ythan Cycle Club - Confined Series

Each year the confined time trial series starts in mid April and then every second week until early September. The 10 mile course starts at the Esslemont Circle Co-op (formerly Auchterellon Mace) and goes out to ½ mile past the Haddo House entrance and back to Ellon. A handicap system ensures that everyone is “equal” and there are points for those that improve from last season and throughout this season.

Following a successful experiment, (suggested by Ian Adams), some races are at longer distances.  The main aim of this is to give those riders who regularly turn up for the 10's but don't enter the open races a chance to ride longer TT's in a less formal setting. The meeting place will be the Esslemont Co-op at 6.30pm for all the confined races.

The 10's will be on the usual club course, with the 15m TT being a lap of the APR course and the 25m on the New Deer course.

This year the best 10 out of 11 races will count for the championship prizes. This means that racers can afford to miss a race through holidays etc without worrying too much about losing points.

There are no points awarded for racing or helping out at open events. We hope this doesn’t affect the number of helpers. You will still get points for being the turn marshal or timekeeping at the confined races.

A separate mountain bike series of about 4 or 5 races is being considered and details should be available at the start of the season.

Rules / Eligibility for the prizes/ trophies for the series

  1. To be allowed to take part in the confined series participants must pay their membership fee up front. New members can enter three races as usual before having to join the club.
  2. Also to be eligible for any club championships Membership must be paid by the end of April. Further to this the club members must help at open events either as an entrant/organiser/ marshal etc or helped out at a confined race.

More details can be found under the Confined section of the Ythan CC forum.







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