The Ycc Files

The X FilesScunner looked disgusted as she buttoned up her designer-labelled silk coat against a biting North east wind.

"What on earth have they sent us here for, Mouldy?"

Mouldy sighed to himself. Scunner was OK but she really had major problems with some assignments. Mouldy explained:

"Scunner, this is the Dundee to Perth road, famous in these parts for some very strange phenomena."

He handed her a crumpled A4 sheet of paper. Scunner carefully unwrapped the paper to make sure she didnít interfere with any evidence, but evidence of what? she thought.

"I canít make head nor tale of this," she said despairingly, "Itís just a list of names and numbers."

"Look carefully," Mouldy replied, "that is the finish sheet from a recent 25 mile time trial, the names are the competitors and the numbers are their finish times".

"I still donít get it, what does it mean, what on earth has it to do with the FBI special investigation department?"

"Cummon Scunner, get your brain in gear, look at the data, donít you see something strange?" cried Mouldy, gesturing at the lower half of the sheet. Scunner looked again. The dawn of enlightenment crossed over her face as she read through the figures.

"Good grief , Mouldy, this means ..."

"Yes thatís right Scunner, clear evidence. The time recorded for Graham Gerrard was less than the time recorded for Colin Allanach."

Mouldy looked pleased, at last they were getting somewhere.

"How could that be!" exclaimed Scunner.

Little green man"Itís perfectly simple, there is only one logical scientific explanation," Mouldy went on to explain, "Graham Gerrard was abducted by extra- terrestrials one mile into the race. He was then subjected to a series of experiments on his mind and body before he was then released by the aliens one mile before the end of the race."

"Thatís incredible!" Scunner gasped.

Mouldy went on: "The Aliens are very clever;  they have erased all traces of the memory of these events from Mr Gerrard's mind, but they made one fatal mistake by mis-timing when they released Mr Gerrard back into the race and allowing him to beat Mr Allanach."

"How can we ever prove it Mouldy?" Scunner asked despairingly.

"I donít know Scunner, but there is one thing Iím sure of -" Mouldy looked along the cold black road called the A92 and mumbled "The truth is out there." 






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