Pillow Talk

Contemplation on going for a Sunday mountain bike run (at least thatís what it sounds like to me). This conversation was heard by one of the YCC spies who for legal reasons shall remain anonymous.

Scene: Sunday morning at the Adam household

Are you awake love ?

MmmmÖ. Tired out.

Itís Sunday morning love, time for Ö..

I know itís time for a long one.

Do you think you can manage it ?

Not if itís as long as last week. Iíll warm up a bit first though.

Put your socks on then love, then we can get going.

What do you fancy this morning ?

Mmm Maybe round the back for a change.

Yeh, I quite fancy that too.

The only thing is, I got a bit sore when we did it last time.

Well Iíve got a new way Ė Gordon showed me Ė do you want to try it ?

Whatís it like ?

You go down for a long time to start with.

Oh yeh Ė I like the sound of that.

And then thereís lots of rough on the way up Ė Itís quite tiring but I really enjoyed it.

All right love, letís do that then. Will I get in the big ring ?

Only if you hold on the bars tightly and donít fiddle with your lever.

Do you think Graham will want to come ?

(cont. p.94)







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