Millennium Challenge

As part of the celebrations for the new millennium Ythan CC decided to set its members a challenge: Cycle 1,999 miles before the end of the year and your name will be published in the "YCC Millennium Roll of Honour". There may even be medals for those reaching the 1,999-mile mark (it depends how the Club funds are looking at the end of the year!).

All you have to do is record the miles you do when cycling and keep a logbook. When you reach 1,999 miles submit the logbook to Colin Allanach and your name and the date when you completed the distance will be added to the "YCC Millennium Roll of Honour" (and, as mentioned, you will also be in line for a medal).

If you take part in the confined TT series that will be 120 miles automatically!

We won’t be checking your computers or counting the miles between Inverness and Tarves; this will be marked purely on trust. There is also no sponsorship involved although if anyone wants to organise this we can help out.

So get pedalling – who will be first to the 1,999 mile marker?

Progress reports


The final list of members who have managed to cover 1,999 miles or more during 1999 (unless someone gets a move on in the next fortnight)...

  • Sean Monaghan
  • Graham Gerrard
  • Gordon Adams
  • Alan Bond
  • Steve Argo
  • Charlie Allan
  • Lorna Adam
  • Dave Carnegie
  • Graham Ward

Congratulations to you all, each of you will be receiving a special Ythan Cycle Club medal.


Alan Bond is the latest to go through the 2,000 mile barrier. Steve Argo and Lorna Adam also claim to have cracked it, but can provide no evidence to substantiate their claims.


July 14th-ish: Gordon Adams is 3rd over the line. Another man with too much time on his hands!

July 4th: Graham Gerrard is the second Club member to go through the 1,999 barrier. Thanks, Graham, for showing up the rest of us!


May 11th: Sean Monaghan is the first to go through the 1,999 mark. Well done Sean!


Well so far we have received just two progress reports from members, and what a contrast they present! Firstly, by the start of April Sean Monaghan had clocked up 1,200 miles, and is also going strong in the races. That's an average of around 85 miles each week during the foulest part of the year (and it really has been foul so far). At this rate Sean will complete the 1,999 miles some time around the beginning of June. Maybe we'll have to set a special target for Sean of 5,000 miles by the end of the year.

And at the other end of the spectrum, (and I mean right at the other end) we have Colin Allanach, our noble President. This is not so much a progress report as some sort of confession, as by the middle of April Colin had cranked out just 120 miles. It's cruel and unnecessary to work this out as a weekly average, but I'm afraid it's my sad duty to do so: that's eight (8) miles per week. This puts Colin right on schedule to complete the 1,999 miles just before Christmas 2004. Colin's many excuses include

  1. it's been cold,
  2. he's been working hard,
  3. the kids have been ill,
  4. oil is at $12 a barrel. (er, not sure about this one, Colin - Ed.)

I'm hoping that loads more Ythan CC members will send in progress reports, and force me to set up a huge table on this page in order to display everyone's magnificent efforts (including Colin). I'll contribute my own mileage once I get it into three figures (oh, what a giveaway!).







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