Low Profile - Russ Craig

Russ Craig, "the eternal second" ?

When and where were you born? Aberdeen , September 1978

When did you start cycling and what was your first club? Started cycling round Arran Court in Fraserburgh on a blue Huskey, pedalled on and off until Uni when I joined the University Cycling Club

What was your first race? Charlies, Ythan APR through Pitmedden, off in the first group and caught by the end of the first lap I think.

What was your first win? Iíve won 2nd place a couple of times but yet to win first place.

What was your last win? I bet Jen last week in the race to do up the poppers in the duvet coverÖdoes that count.

What is your favourite food? The food you eat after a bike ride.

What is your favourite drink? A good old ale

What was the first record you ever bought? Jimmy Sommervilles Greatest Hits

And your favourite song? Anything by the mighty Zep, probably Heartbreaker,

What were you like at school? a football and guitar obsessed kid who has turned into a cycling guitar obsessed kid.

What kind of books do you read?  Anything really but have good collection of Scottish climbing books. One day Iíll get climbing.

Do you have a favourite TV programme? Not really

And your favourite film? The Holy Grail, Life of Brian

Which newspaper do you read? Jen doesnít let me get a paper.

Whatís your ideal holiday destination? Annecy , French Alps

How do you relax? Go on a bike ride

What is your greatest fear? Anything happening to my family, losing my legs.

How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts ad? Lonely and desperate. Please help.

What is your favourite training ride? Out over the Suie through Garioch and back over the Lords Throat.

What is your best personal achievement? Cycling Lands End John o' Groats in 5 and bit days,

What is the highlight of your life to date? Eilidh being born

Do you have time for hobbies? Apart from cycling, I spend a large amount of time listening to classic 60s and 70s rock.

Who would you like to play you in the film of your life? Lenny Henry

What is your most unpleasant characteristic? If I donít eat I get really grumpy

Who would you most like to meet? Probably some of my long gone distant relations, grand parents grand parents who Iíve been told went from Scotland to Canada and back.

What was your most embarrassing moment? Ask Jen, it probably involves either body piercing and fainting or  hospitals and fainting.

If you werenít in your current job what would you like to do? In a way Iím  perfectly happy where I am, (who am  I trying to kid)  roadie/guitar tech/drum tech for ACDC or Van Halen I have visions of me standing in front of mega watts of amp checking the levels by  playing baa baa black sheep on a single string for the crowd waiting for the main band

Who is your hero?
donít really have any hero's

Four words to describe yourself? I can only think of three, must try harder






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