Low Profile - Colin Allanach

Colin riding a Club '10'

Erstwhile Club President, dedicated family man and hard working Contract Support Engineer for Sparrows Offshore Services, Colin has been cycling most of his life. He couldnít afford driving lessons whilst a student so the bike was his main form of transport. Cilla Black was at number one with Itís Over when Colin was born.

When and where were you born ?
23rd June 1964, Ellon cottage hospital (now the Golf Club).

When did you start cycling and what was your first club ?
Earliest memory was my uncle teaching me to ride a bike in Crieff. It was a black bike and very big. I think I was five years old. Ythan CC is my first and only bike club.

What was your first race ?
Banchory Triathlon in 1992.

What was your first win ?
Aboyne Duathlon, The race consisted of me, this other guy, some kids and a couple of grannies. I only won because the other guy was disqualified for not wearing a cycling helmet.

What was your last win ?
1996 Ė 10 mile TT Ė I won a handicap prize.

What is your favourite food ?
Ice cream Ė buckets of it.

What is your favourite drink ?
Water (?????? - Ed)

What was the first record you ever bought ?
The Rah Band Ė The Crunch Ė1976 (I think)

And your favourite song ?
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight by The Jam

What were you like at school ?
Desperate. I wanted to be a Punk but my Mum wouldnít let me get my ear pierced. I muddled by at exams and scraped into college.

What kind of books do you read ?
Anything, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Ben Elton, Steinbeck, even the SCU Handbook sometimes.

Do you have a favourite TV programme ?
Robot wars, Spin city, Corry, Emmerdale, The Bill, Fawlty Towers, Any of the AFC cup wins, If itís on and Iím home Iíll watch it.

And your favourite film ?
Blade Runner or Restless Natives.

Which newspaper do you read ?
The P&J and the Ellon Advertiser.

Whatís your ideal holiday destination ?

How do you relax ?
On my back.

What is your greatest fear ?
Flying and that something will happen to my family when Iím away from them.

How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts ad ?
Great frame, no spare tyre, good in the saddle, large seat pin and can handle bars.

What is your favourite training ride ?
I quite like the Hilly 20 course. Obviously I do this five times for a decent session.

What is your best personal achievement ?
Becoming a Chartered Engineer.

What is the highlight of your life to date ?
The birth of my two sproggs, Rachel and Robbie.

Do you have time for hobbies ?
Yes I play with my (son's) Scalextric sets and do a bit of gardening (supervisory role). Oh yes I go to put my self through hell at Pittodrie each week to support Aberdeen FC.

Who would you like to play you in the film of your life ?
Nicholas Lyndhust.

What is your most unpleasant characteristic ?
I tend to do botty burps quite a lot Ė Hey itís only natural.

Who would you most like to meet ?
Alex Ferguson Ė to plead with him to come back and manage Aberdeen again.

What was your most embarrassing moment ?
When my son was being born it was really hot in the hospital and I hadnít had anything to eat. Just as he was being born I nearly fainted. The nurses didnít know whether to look after me or Annette. I came round in time to see him being born and to cut the cord.

If you werenít an engineer what would you like to be ?
A goalkeeper

Who is your hero ?
Paul Weller

Four words to describe yourself ?
Lean, mean, cycling machine (not) - oops thatís five !  






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