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Joining British Cycling

PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:01 pm
by Colin A
Cycling is almost unique in that when joining a club you dont have to join the governing body. However for the future of British Cycling why not consider joining BC.

Over the last few months I have been asked if it’s worth members joining British Cycling. I think it is for the following reasons:
1/ Fees are paid directly to British Cycling. The more money they have the more money they can spend on training athletes for the Olympics, world champs etc.
2/ More membership give British Cycling more of a say when dealing with governments etc.
3/ The more BC membership Scotland has, the more influence (and funding) Scotland gets with British Cycling
4/ the more Ythan CC British Cycling memberships the club has, the more influence the club has on Scottish Cycling.

So what do members get?

As we live in a more litigious society it is imperative that you protect yourself. One of the biggest benefits of British Cycling membership is that you have some insurance protection. The benefits of each type of membership is detailed above along with the costs. The costs above are for adult members and there are reduced costs for Youths/Juniors etc.

Other benefits are the weekly e-mails that come in. They are a good read and have links to training plans, information about upcoming events, technical tips and each month there is a Scotland specific report.

There are discounts at Wiggle, Halfords etc.

First year Bronze membership is actually free! - but I recommend for most of our members either the ride membership or Silver.

More details about BC membership can be found here: