Cyclo Cross race - 21st October

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Cyclo Cross race - 21st October

Postby Colin A » Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:08 pm

Copied from Grampian Tigers:

there is an event coming up that you might be interested in. It is FREE for U12; older ones will have to pay to enter.

Race info page is here:

If you don't know much about cyclo-cross read on (it's fun, I promise!)

So what is cyclo-cross?
Think cross country running but on a bike. It usually involves multiple laps of a fairly short course run to a "time plus laps" formula. For example a race might be "15 minutes plus two laps". That means that 15 minutes after the start, the next time the leader crosses the start-finish line there are two laps to go. This should be indicated by a lap counter. There should also be a bell as you start your last lap. Everyone finishes the next time they cross the start-finish line after the winner has finished.

The course will be on a mixture of surfaces. Last year the U12 event had a bit of tarmac, a bit of compacted gravel/ sand, some loose sand, some grass and some dirt. The terrain will be mostly flat but there will probably be a bit of up, a bit of down and a bit of across (the slope) and possibly some wiggly/ slalom. The "up" might be so steep that you need to jump off and push. There will probably be an "obstacle" that you need to carry your bike over (typically a small tree trunk or hurdle about 0.3m high).

What sort of bike?
Ordinary kids bikes are fine; gears and knowing how to use them would help. There may be a bike check beforehand by the officials to check for safety/ suitability. Your bike should be basically sound and safe to ride (do the M-check). You will need to remove any mudguards and carriers also any end bar-ends/ "cow horns". You MUST have plugs in the end of your handle bars.

What sort of clothes?
A helmet is a MUST.
Normal cycling/ outdoor play clothes is a good start. Gloves, long sleeves and covered knees are recommended. It may be chilly and there are usually a few spills. You will have to pin on a race number so bear that in mind when choosing tops. If wearing leggings/ long trousers ensure they are close fitting on the lower leg and at the ankle. If you are relying on a trouser clip/ slap strap or tucking into socks to keep trouser fabric out of the chain/ pedals then experience says it won't work! If your shoes have laces, make sure the loose ends are tucked inside your shoe.

On the Day
Make sure you turn up in time to be able to register before registration closes, to have your bike checked and be able to get ready to go for a practice ride. See the event web site for details of all these timings.

We will let you know if any of the Grampian Tigers coaches are going to be there to be able to help you on the day.

Unless it is a deep freeze/ blizzard/ gales/ torrential rain the event will probably go ahead. A bit of rain doesn't put off keen cyclo-crossers, in fact the opposite - they LOVE mud!
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