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Clean chain

Postby Colin A » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:20 pm

A clean chain is a happy chain.

Some of the bikes this morning were suffering from a little lack of TLC. Remember first rule of racing

"To finish first, first you have to finish"

There were a few chains that looked like they were on their last legs and might not last a race. a poolrly mainatined chain will skip gears and you will lose power from your pedal storke. There will be a chain inspection next week so be prepared and get those drive chains shiny, clean, lubricated and happy. There are many methods for cleaning chain so have a look on you tube for some good tips. Some of the more nasty chains may have to come off he bike for a good resurrection.

Remember Post-Ride
You’re cold, wet and tired but, if you just dump your bike in the shed and head for the shower, you can guarantee that the next time you ride your drivetrain will already be orange with rust. At the very least, rinse the entire bike with clean water to remove dirt and salt, spray water dispersant on the drivetrain, run the chain through a rag and then re-lube the chain. It’s only a five-minute job at the most and your bike will thank you for it. And the coaches and your mum will stop nagging you about it
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