6th October

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6th October

Postby megamouth » Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:51 pm

Hi folks,

My group are going to be doing some more work on 'bunch riding' tomorrow, but we'll be back in the car park, not on the road. We'll be going through the bottlenecks in 3s or more and doing some in-line riding. We'll definitely get on to doing some 'push/weave' work this week Remember to check bikes over before turning up, bring a drink, helmet and gloves, tuck in laces and loose trouser bottoms and be prepared for the odd shower. It can stop us getting on with sessions if bikes aren't in good order, so please make sure tires, brakes etc are all ok before hand.

Russ or Colin may be doing the checks and warm up, as I have a 'prior' appointment, but hope to be back in good time.

The met office forecast says 'windy', so maybe best not to turn up in tee-shirts too.

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Paul :D
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