Saturday 22 September

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Saturday 22 September

Postby megamouth » Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:36 pm

Hi folks, Slight change of format this week in that we are having three groups running (roughly based on age/ability). Russ and Colin are taking the older and younger children and I will have the middle group.

My group will be doing an intro to group riding and some uphill sprints, giving another chance to practice gear changes, but this time it will be on the access road that goes up the hill behind the community centre, so plenty of opportunity to get a good feel for it (and maybe see how getting a wee bit tired affects gear selection).

It's important that bikes are in good order for this as we'll be going a little bit faster than previously and will be in close proximity to other riders, so remember gloves, and be sure that brakes gears and tyres are in good shape.

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Cheers, Paul
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