Saturday 1st September

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Saturday 1st September

Postby Colin A » Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:28 pm

Training this Saturday.

Slightly different this Saturday.

Under 12s will be at the car park behind the pool at 10am as usual for Paul’s sixth session.

Over 12s are invited to do the Ythan cycle run organised by the Oldmeldrum rotary club. This starts at 1pm from Udny Green (so you need to be there by about 12 to get registered etc) We will go round the 26 mile course as a group, so it’s a chance to hone some of the group riding skills we have been working on recently.

There is a shorter 7 mile run for the under 12s but we suggest a parent goes with the rider on that one s there will be no Ythan coaches on that.

Registration and sponsorship forms and other information including a map
of the routes are available on the website or from
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Re: Saturday 1st September

Postby megamouth » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:45 pm

The younger riders will be building on the cornering skills from the previous two weeks in the first half and then bringing the whole 6 week block together with timed runs, starting in their lowest gear going uphill and coming back down the slalom course. We'll be looking for good, smooth gear changes and good technique on the bends (remember guys n gals - weight on the outside pedal, cover the brakes, come in wide aiming for the apex and go out wide. The shortestroute is not the quickest or the safest) Who is going to get the Yellow and Green jersey's this week? With everyone working hard and trying their best, it's a difficult choice - perhaps we'll give one to Russ if he can give us a really good demo at something this week.

Please remember to check bikes and helmets over before you leave the house and tuck in any laces and loose trouser bottoms before the session starts.
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Paul
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